The use of frozen canine semen is widely accepted today and plays an important role in breed improvement and increasing the gene pools  worldwide. Frozen semen makes exporting your dogs genetic material easier and sustainable long term. Once frozen, the semen can be kept indefinitely for personal use or to be sold at a later time. Even the most fertile studs can be lost suddenly and having a good collection of frozen semen is a safe net for the future. 

    We freeze dog semen in pellets which are kept in small cryo-vials in liquid nitrogen tanks at -195 degrees, each vials being one breeding unit. Each breeding unit can contain between 100-200 millions of sperms depending on the customer's requirements. 

  Semen collections are done at our clinic in Chesterfield, Derbyshire or during a home visit. Home visits can be arranged for multiple dogs, please contact us for more details.