Chilled semen insemination has become very popular in the past few years. The main advantages of using chilled semen are good pregnancy rates and reduced costs for preparation and shipment. 

   Chilled semen can be shipped anywhere in Europe and USA with 24 hours delivery time and most of the rest of the world with 48 hours delivery time. Chilled canine semen can not be shipped in some countries like Australia or New Zeeland. 

   All chilled semen will be accompanied by a semen analysis certificate and an export certificate if required. We will always offer you a tracking number so both you and the receiver can know where the semen is at all times. 

   Shipping chilled semen requires very good planning as there is a narrow window of opportunity. Chilled canine semen can survive up to 7 days but we need to take in to account that freight companies will not collect or deliver during week-ends. We are happy to keep close contact with the owner of the bitch and arrange the semen collection at the most appropriate time. 

   Importing chill semen becomes more and more popular and we receive a very positive feedback due to it's high success rate. We can arrange the import directly with the exporting veterinarian and plan it carefully to receive it just in time for insemination.