Q: How much semen should I freeze?

A: Frozen semen preserves your stud dog’s genetic contribution for use in the future, for use by other breeders, and as insurance should an unfortunate illness or accident befall your stud. Ideally, we recommend, if you have the opportunity and means to freeze semen, try to freeze enough to build an inventory sufficient for all 3 of the above purposes. This may mean 5-10 breeding units for your own use or as insurance and 20 or more breeding units for sale to others or future use.

Q: How is the semen stored?

A: Semen is stored in specifically designed liquid nitrogen cryogenic tanks similar to a vacuum flask. Our semen storage tanks are located on site and are accessed daily. All tanks are stored in a secure lock-up site and liquid nitrogen is topped up as required to maintain the stable temperature within the tank.

Q: How long does the frozen semen last?

A: Frozen semen has an indefinite lifespan, providing correct storage and handling procedures have been maintained.

Q:Can I transport semen to and from other countries?

A: Semen can be transported to and from most countries throughout the world providing correct quarantine requirements are met. Most countries have specific blood testing and vaccination requirements that must be performed prior to the freezing and importation of frozen semen.Prime Veterinary Practicemaintains an updated database of these requirements that enable us to streamline the process on your behalf.

Q: What is the success rate with chilled or frozen semen?

A: Success rates can vary greatly depending on multiple factors: quality of the semen, quality of freezing, quality of thawing, the timing of insemination and the reproductive health of the bitch. At Prime Veterinary Practice our goal is to increase those rates by making sure that every step of this process is constantly monitored and improved. Please contact us if you would like to discuss it in more detail.