Canine semen can be exported successfully but different countries can have significantly different import regulations. 
In Europe we can currently export canine semen only to Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Norway, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland. The other European countries require health certification which is currently not available with Defra/APHA.
Please contact us directly for any specific information. 

   Frozen semen exports to Australia are done either as a shared shipment every 3 months or can be set up as an urgent shipment. New Zealand frozen semen shipments are done in average twice/year as shared shipments or individually in urgent cases. 

   Importing canine semen is straightforward as long as all import conditions are met. Please contact us before arranging for a semen import and please make sure that the semen to be imported is eligible to enter the UK. 
Import conditions are outlined in the general import licence and these condition must be met by ALL semen imports regardless of their country of origin and including the EU. All semen shipments from the EU must be registered with IPAFFS before entering the country. 

   General import licence: 
RS14.pdf RS14.pdf
Size : 205.148 Kb
Type : pdf
   For canine semen that does not meat the requirements of the general import licence we may be able to obtain a special import permit if certain conditions are met. Please find the requirements on page 4 of the document attached below: 
Canine semen import requirements UK.pdf Canine semen import requirements UK.pdf
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Type : pdf